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Premium low carbon glass for automotive industry

Illu car all glazing positions

Application: All glazing positions

OTAÉ® glass has a limited availability.


Our journey toward decarbonization

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit we have ambitious targets to do what we can to limit our impact on the climate change as much as possible. This also includes to work on Circular Economy and close the loop for automotive glass. 
By using a high proportion of cullet in the glass production, we can limit CO2 emission due to the chemical reaction of melted glass, but also reduce the amount of virgin raw materials needed in the production.

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Did you know?

"Glass is infinetly recycable without quality losses"

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Benefits of OTAÉ®

  • Reduced CO2 Emission: -20 to -30% CO2eq. emission compared to a standard Saint-Gobain Sekurit Product


  • Save Virgin Raw Material: 1 ton of cullet saves 1.2 ton virgin material
    [*1ton of cullet reduce 300kg of CO2eq. (Scope 1+2) 700kg CO2eq. (Scope 1+2+3)]


  • Keep Premium Quality: Identical aesthetic and mechanical properties compared to standard automotive glass


  • Increase Recycled Content: >60% external cullet (recycled glass content, ISO 14021) which is more than double compared to standard glass

Because we care until the end

OTAÉ® is always combined with thermal coating to be better for the planet and better for the people comfort. 
These combinations save energy and CO2 emission during production and during the use phase.
To close the loop with our customers, we can offer Sekurit Service to pick up glasses after their lifetime and bring them back to the circle of glass.

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Premium low carbon glass

OTAÉ® has the identical high quality, identical aestetic properties and identical mechanical properties compared to standard automotive glass. 
All of this with a lower environmental footprint.

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