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Your glass roof for any weather.

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The right temperature, all the time

You won’t have to choose again between the pleasure of a sunroof and good thermal insulation. Keep your cabin cool in summer and warm in winter, while enjoying the best panoramic views of your journey with our sunroof ComfortSky®.


Endless views

In adding a functional and passive layer (no power supply needed), our ComfortSky® sunroofs block the energy exchange between the outside and inside. They act as a mirror for infrared sun rays and reflect heat. That leaves you with only the best feature of a sunroof: the view.

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Did you know?

"Skin and eye protection equal to sunglasses of category 4."


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Thermal homogeneity 

• Optimized thermal comfort: no more cold / hot sensation under the roof
• Thermal stability: shortens the time needed by the HVAC system to reach a comfortable temperature in the car
• Humidity and temperature maintained at the right level
• Reduced heat emission from the glass: decrease A/C consumption by as much as 200W/m2


Did you know?

"Removal of shutter increases head space."

Drive further

No shutter needed. Not even in scorching heat.

• Shutter can be removed: save up to 7kg which equates to minus 0.7g CO2/km
• Sustainable: this passive solution needs no power supply
• Increased driving range for electric vehicles

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