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Head-Up Display & Augmented Reality HUD

We push the limits of today’s HUD technology further and actively design the HUD generation of the future: from standard HUD, to Big Size HUD and Augmented Reality applications with multi image depths.

With press-bending facilities all over the globe, we produce HUD windshields in your proximity, wherever you are located.

As the no. 1 producer of high quality HUD windshields in the market, we offer extensive Co-Design to take your idea to the next level.

head up display
Did you know?

For float glass, the refractive index is given

for  n = 1.52

Discover other astonishing properties of the glass


Glazing and Future Concepts

The glazing of a vehicle is a great space to share information with passengers and road users.

As a trusted glazing expert, we are shaping the future of new display technologies and driving the future of mobility forward.

Interactive Journey


Antennas Integration

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit, we offer full antenna development and integration.
Moreover, all our heated glazing solutions, whether heated by wires or by coating, are compatible with antennas.


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