Enabling Creative Design

Signature & Decoration

Tinted Glazing

More than a cool look. We offer glazing with different grades of light transmission that provide thermal and visual protection and that enhance the privacy of the passengers. 

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reflective design

Reflective Design

Our unique product Reflective Design is based on a chromatic paint that takes the aesthetics of your vehicle to the next level. Feasible in any shape or form, this product makes designers' dreams come true. 

Just think of all the branding possibilities. You can also aim for a seamless transition between the car body and the glass.

Did you know?

The optical properties of glass are not

affected by ageing.

Discover other astonishing properties of glass.

Glazing Modules

We have a particularly strong expertise in the encapsulation of automotive glazing such as TPE/PVC and PU.
The encapsulation allows an integration of pre-assembly components such as decorative trims that give a premium appearance to the vehicle.

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit we offer ready-to-mount solutions that save valuable mounting time.


Enabling Creative Design

Design & Shape

Sophisticated Shapes

With more than 350 years of glass expertise, we push the limits of mineral glass bending to create futuristic designs.

Thanks to our simulation tools, a large variety of processes and our know-how, we can achieve a large panels of shapes & sizes.




Polymer solutions are also part of our portfolio. Our subsidiary Freeglass offers complex polymer glazing, trims and cover parts that are not feasible in mineral glass, but have glass-like optics. Discover their solutions on Freeglass' website.

Did you know?

The transformation temperature range of glass lies

between 520°C and 550°C.

Discover other astonishing properties of glass.

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Our unique simulation capabilities make designers' dreams come true.

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit we contributed to many iconic car models. Our well-known virtual product development processes and the expertise of our R&D teams put any idea into practice. 

3D Modeling

In addition to our CAD tools, we are using 3D Modeling and advanced virtual engineering methods for early development processes. These tools offer the possibility to design glazing and components through digital mock-up processes, thus reducing time and minimizing errors in production.

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