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Intelligent glass roof systems

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Application: Roofs

Glass roofs have never been so fascinating. AmpliSky® includes an active layer that acts as a digital curtain.
It switches from opaque or tinted to transparent in a very elegant manner, modulating light ambience and increasing comfort.  

So many things to look forward to:

Acoustic Comfort

AmpliSky® provides an excellent acoustic comfort thanks to its construction with laminated glass.

Having a switchable glass solution without a shutter reduces the noise caused by loose shutter components.

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Did you know?

"Shading in a fraction of the time"



Thermal Comfort

AmpliSky® blocks the heat from entering the cabin in summer, but keeps it warm during winter. There is no cold wall effect. This thermal regulation allows a crucial reduction of air conditioning consumption. 


Did you know?

"Light-in glass for a smooth ambiance on demand"

Visual Comfort

Thanks to AmpliSky® and its excellent thermal performance in summer and winter, the shutter can be removed. The result is an increased transparent area leaving more space for what really matters: the view.


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Head-space gain

Thanks to AmpliSky® that allows shutter removal, the vehicle gains a significant headspace and reduces its weight. 


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