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The best visibility, even in the worst condition

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Application: Windshields

No more early morning ice-scraping: visibility is kept clear and steady even in the harshest conditions. Thanks to ClimaCoat® and its invisible heating function, you can de-ice and de-mist your windshield at your finger tips.


Heatable products for visibility

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit we are obsessed with giving you a perfectly transparent windshield, whatever the weather condition. By adding a metallic coating inside the glass, we have developed a quick but efficient way to heat your windows for a simpler de-icing and de-misting process. You can now enjoy a safe ride, with perfect visibility.

Did you know?

"De-icing in a fraction of the time’‘



Benefits of ClimaCoat®

· Fast: De-icing in less than 2 minutes at -5°C

· Silent: No more HVAC system needed to demist & defrost

· Safe: The clearest visibility in any weather conditions

· Economical: Use less fuel, reduce CO2 emissions, make your wipers last longer


Did you know?

Reduced fuel consumption, lower CO2


More information on the benefits of ClimaCoat®

· Solar control: TTS <40% (-25% vs standard glass)

· Multivoltage: Operating voltage 14V & 48V

· Invisible: Totally transparent heating technology

· Best solar control solution thanks to a high perfomance coating



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