Providing Comfort & Well-being

Light & Shadow


Our interactive and intelligent switchable roof system is offering privacy on demand, therefore becoming an innovative alternative for traditional roller blinds. 
With AmpliSky® let the sun in and play with the opacity of your sunroof. 

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Dimmable Glazing

Lights out! Our dimmable glazing solutions allow different shades and lighting grades on demand. The active area can be as large as the full roof surface or designed for partial dimming.
Enhanced thermal properties are achieved by combining this product with thermal solutions. In addition, our glazing offers outstanding optical and electrical properties.

Did you know?

The refractive index of float glass is given

for n = 1.52

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Ambient Lighting

Driving in the dark is spectacular. With our Ambient Lighting solution we light up your roof and offer you the complete freedom of color and design.
Colors evoke emotions. You can now match the light in your car to your mood. 

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Providing Comfort & Well-being


Acoustic Performance

By incorporating an acoustic interlayer into laminated glass, we reduce the noise level inside the car cabin by 30%.
The interlayer is not only reducing high and low frequencies such as wind and engine noise, but softening all exterior noise levels. This results in a pleasant ambiance and better intelligibility inside the car. The acoustic interlayer is most often used in windshields.

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Laminated Sidelites

For an even better acoustic experience inside your car, we offer laminated sidelites with an acoustic interlayer. They reduce the general noise, especially the wind noise created by the rear mirrors, to a far more extensive level for a perfectly calm drive.

Did you know?

Glass’ compression resistance can reach

800 to 1000 MPa

Discover other astonishing properties of the glass

Glazing and Acoustics

Our acoustic glazing experts are working beyond passive systems to design active solutions that improve the entire acoustic perception in the car cabin.

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Dedicated R&D Centers

As part of the Saint-Gobain Group, we benefit from the well-known expertise of multiple R&D centers around the world.
That is particularly true for the results of the Group's research in the fields of acoustics for homes and living spaces.

Advanced simulation tools

Our acoustic teams are equipped with advanced simulation tools in order to re-create all possible acoustic scenarios in a car. With that, they design the best version of our solutions.


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