Enabling Sustainable Mobility

Thermal Solutions


Enjoy the best visibility through your windshield, even in the worst conditions. ClimaCoat® has an invisible heating function that makes ice and fog on your windshield disappear at the push of a button.
In summer, ClimaCoat® provides outstanding heat protection thanks to a high performance coating that reflects infrared rays.



The right temperature in your cabin, all year round.
With our low emissivity roof ComfortSky®, you will keep your cabin cool in summer and warm in winter, while enjoying panoramic views on your journey. 

Enabling Sustainable Mobility

Lightweight Glazing

Less weight, more performance

The dedication of our research teams in the last years allowed us to reduce the thickness of our glazing for an increased performance. With our solutions, it is now possible to save more than 6 kg of glass on a whole car.

Using a lower density material like polymers enables weight reduction: Let's discover those solutions on Freeglass' website

Did you know?

A 4mm thick pane of glass weighs 
10kg /m2

Discover other astonishing properties of glass.

Enabling Sustainable Mobility

Life Cycle


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an exhaustive environmental  assessment methodology. In other words, it's an evaluation and compilation of the inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts of a product or system throughout its life.

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit we calculate the consumption of water, energy and natural resources, the emission to air, water and oil, and the generated waste for each of our product families. That is also part of our innovation development: we calculate LCA for all new glazing solutions.


Lead-free Solutions

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit we have been anticipating the trend of lead-free solutions and already brought the first glazing without lead to the market in 2014. Today we offer lead-free solutions for tempered and laminated parts, as well as lead-free soldering and lead-free enamels.

Thanks to those solutions we are significantly reducing the environmental impact of our products.


Responsible sourcing

Our purchasing program is aimed at managing the environmental, social and societal risks related to our supply chain through the development of a purchasing process that incorporates CSR criteria. Particular attention is paid to human rights issues, labour, health and safety standards and the environmental impact of the supply chain.

Our purchasing employees receive specific and regular training to enable them to strive for behavioural excellence in their daily practice.

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