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The "Securit" tempering process was discovered in Saint-Gobain's laboratories in 1929, in the course of research undertaken at the request of the automobile industry.
The process consists of strengthening the glass by very fast blast cooling (from 600 to 300° C in a few seconds) and is used to make automotive, building, and specialty flat glass.
Raw glass can be clear or tinted in various shades.

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The density of Glass is about 2 500 kg/m3 

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In 1909, the French chemist Edouard Benedictus, invented laminated glass.
The process bonds two sheets of glass using a sheet of transparent plastic interlayer, producing a safety glass. If the glass is broken by an impact, the plastic interlayer retains the fragments and the glass cracks in the shape of a spider's web.

Tailored Glazing Systems

Ensuring a Clear


Camera Integration

With the development of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), and camera sensors the integration behind automotive glazing becomes more and more common. Thanks to our best-in-class glass shaping expertise, our glazing systems ensure best optical conditions to enable reliable camera detection. 


Advanced Optics Sensor

Future automated driving feature will go with new automotive sensors, such as LiDARs and infrared cameras. We bring our optics and material and forming expertise to our customers, and we create integration solutions that meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of automotive design. 

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Tailored Glazing Systems


Simulation Systems

In-house Software Sytems

Our dedicated experts are equipped with advanced in-house software systems to design the best version of your solutions.

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The bending strength of glass is 45 MPa

Discover other astonishing properties of the glass


Prototype Centers

Thanks to our sophisticated simulation tools, our labs, our pilot lines, and our extensive production footprint we are able to:

  • Ideate and design your desired solution
  • Develop and realize your prototypes from technical proof of concept to functional demonstrators
  • Introduce you to the right internal and external collaborators
  • Test and validate your concept

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