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Houchan Shoeibi
Houchan Shoeibi

CEO of Saint-Gobain Sekurit

Our world is changing, and mobility is in profound transformation, impacted by digitalization, new lifestyles and new consumer habits.

For over 90 years, we have been pioneering the automotive market with breakthrough solutions to enhance the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers all around the world.

Facing the emerging demand of our customers and end-users for a renewed and sustainable mobility experience, we have been undergoing a fundamental transformation.

First, culturally with an enhanced customer-centric mindset throughout our organization but also technologically with the introduction of new capabilities and competencies bringing agility and modernity to our processes while expanding drastically our offering.

Today, we are far more than a glazing manufacturer. We are now a glazing systems and solutions provider, ready to pave the way for future mobility.

Our journey is inclusive, so we invite all stakeholders of a better, safer and greener mobility, to join us in making every drive a great experience.

Career at Sekurit

Do you want to join the future mobility?

We help you design your career!

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit we offer a journey based on agility, collaboration & new technologies, to develop systems adapted to market trends, new demands and the future of mobility.
You will be mentored to design your career according to your domain of interest.


Working in Research & Development

As one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world, Saint-Gobain continues to deploy its technological know-how, often in partnership with the most prestigious universities and laboratories. Our R&D centers offer a diverse range of entry opportunities – not only for graduates or experienced professionals but also during your studies as an intern or while completing your graduate thesis.

Each R&D center has its own core competencies and its teams develop, industrialize and optimize innovative products, systems and processes for the entire Saint-Gobain Group.

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Working at Saint-Gobain Sekurit.

Our teams let you take responsibility in all areas. Right from the start. There are many exciting opportunities waiting for you in your home country and abroad, regardless of your current career level. The tasks in our teams are as varied are the career paths we offer you.


Don't wait until graduation to start your career! At Sekurit we offer a variety of opportunities to gain practical experience during your studies. From internships in technical or commercial fields to final theses, choose what suits you most.


We offer several ways to kick-start your career after graduation. As an international company with a presence in over 60 countries, we train a new generation of executives to meet tomorrow's challenges. From working in one of our Research and Development Centers to special graduate programs, the possibilities are endless.

France’s International Volunteer Program

The International Company Volunteer Program (VIE) is an offer for young professionals looking for enriching professional and personal experiences in an international environment abroad.

As a VIE, Saint-Gobain offers you the opportunity to take on the full responsibilities of a job for a period of 12 months. You will be fully integrated into the department and entrusted with challenging tasks that you will work on independently. You like what you see? There are many opportunities to be hired by the Group after completing your VIE period. 


Your experience matters. We are constantly looking for experienced and qualified specialists from a wide range of sectors.
Take on a new challenge and go on a journey with us! We offer exciting tasks, dedicated teams and unique development opportunities in a globally-operating group.

children car

Corporate responsibility

At Saint-Gobain, we are convinced that companies must place their values at the heart of their business model and use all their weight in favour of responsible and sustainable development.
As part of the Saint-Gobain Group, we are committed to ensuring that our activities, our employees and our partners are jointly involved in building a more sustainable and inclusive world.
We are thus committed to creating usefulness at the center of our business and to participating in the sustainable development of the  mobility market.

corporate responsibility

Voices of Sekurit

Thibaut Heitz
Innovation and R&D director
Thibaut Heitz

"Our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 is set in stone. This goal is inseparable from our ambition to provide customers with solutions which help them decarbonize and reduce their own environmental footprint".

Najwa El Gouach
Quality Engineer
Najwa El Gouach

"Working as a quality engineer is very rewarding, we have a direct impact on the quality of products, which is key in the automotive industry."



of commitment

Ethical business practices

Long term collaborations


Acting as a corporate citizen

Solutions with a positive impact

Guarantee health and safety for all


Where it all began

We have been in the glass business for a very long time. So long, in fact, that Saint-Gobain equipped its first "vehicle", the sedan chair of Louis XIV's architect, Jules Hardouin Mansart, in 1699.



A story of innovations

We have always been a pioneer paving the way for future mobility. The result: path breaking innovations - with real added value that improve quality of life. Our glazing technology has contributed to the fact that the car has become a living space.

reflective design

2021 - Reflective Design

A sophisticated, smooth transition between car body and glazing: Reflective Design is a decorative customization that brings unique design possibilities to the vehicle.


2021 - Augmented Reality HUD

Provide immersive visual experiences. Thanks to our high-end glazing, driver assistance data are virtually projected on the road in the line of sight of the driver. The projections seamlessly integrate into your surroundings, moving and changing with you while you drive.


1927 - Laminated and Tempered Glazing

Safety laminated glazing consists of two layers of glass laminated together by a film. Glass pieces adhere to the interlayer in the event of breakage. Hence, it reduces the risk of ejection and helps increase safety in an accident.

Safety tempered glazing is up to ten times stronger than regular glazing. When impacted, it shatters into many small pebble-like fragments, making it safe to use in automobiles.


1955 - Complex Backlite

With the introduction of a high-quality bending process, it became possible to produce backlites in complex shapes, instead of relatively flat shapes. Since then, bending techniques have improved greatly. This explains the immense variety of backlites which can be observed on the road today. 


1985 - Heated Glazing With Wires

Thanks to heating elements, which are embedded in laminated glazing, the windscreen can be rapidly cleared of snow, ice and mist by pressing a button. 


1986 - Profile Extrusion

We developed a direct extrusion technology of plastic profiles. Extrustion allows to apply a profile directly onto the glass periphery and herewith the production of a ready-to-install module. 


1989 - Encapsulation

Encapsulation is the overmolding of glazing with a plastic material, usually at its periphery. Widely used in the automotive industry to fix sidelites, backlites and sunroofs. The encapsulation process can be used on any type of glazing. This technology enhances both cosmetics (design, integration of trims) and functionality (reinforcements, pins, clips).


1992 - Dark Tinted Glazing

Dark tinted glazing improves passengers' comfort with lower cabin temperatures. It also improves the fuel efficiency due to less usage of the A/C system. Styling options and privacy are guaranteed. 


1994 - Heat Reflective Glazing

An invisible coating acts as a mirror for infrared sun rays and reflects heat back to the outside. Air conditioning is used less, and fuel consumption is reduced. 


1996 - Heatable Glass By Coating

The introduction of heatable glazing with a metallic coating made it possible to supply laminated windshields that could be de-iced or de-misted within few minutes, by pushing a button. Unlike heating by wires, this solution is completely transparent. 


1998 - Thin Tempered Sidelite (2.85 mm)

The thickness of tempered automotive glazing varies between 3.85, 3.5, 3.15 and 2.85 mm. This thin solution saves weight of up to 2.5 kg per sqm. 


2001 - Acoustic Glazing

Laminated glazing offers improved acoustic comfort compared to tempered glazing. In order to guarantee outstanding acoustics, Saint-Gobain Sekurit developed specific acoustic glazings, decreasing exterior noise by 3 db to 5 db. 

polycarbonate glazing

2002 - Polycarbonate Glazing

Aside from rear quarterlites and pillar covers, roof modules are seen as major applications for polycarbonate glazing. This is because the benefit of saving weight becomes even more attractive for components positioned higher up in the car. Polycarbonate glazing components are produced by Freeglass, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Sekurit.

lamella sunroof

2003 - Lamella Sunroof

A large lamella sunroof brings a feeling of openness and freedom to all passengers of the vehicle. 


2004 - Thin Laminated Sidelites (4 mm)

A thickness reduction of 1 mm results in a weight reduction of 2.5 kg per sqm. Laminated glazing increases occupants' safety and security. It also offers a 99% UV filter as well as an enhanced acoustic comfort. 

electrochromic roof

2005 - Electrochromic Roof

An electrochromic roof enables drivers to control the light intensity of the glazing. They can switch the tint of the glass from clear to dark and vice versa. 


2006 - Head Up Display (HUD) windshield 

Head Up Display (HUD) is a driver assistance system which improves comfort and safety. Information like speed and GPS data are shown in the driver's field of vision, who can keep his or her "Head Up" to see this information right in front of him or her. 

Saint-Gobain Sekurit developed specific processes in order to ensure a sharp image, indispensable for a high quality HUD system.


2008 - High Quality HUD Acoustic Windshield

With the help of a new bending process, Saint-Gobain Sekurit is able to produce acoustic windshields for vehicles equipped with HUD, such as the BMW 7 Series.

panoramic ws

2009 - Panoramic Windshield Citroën C3 2-in-1 Zenith

With a height of 1.5 m, the innovative Zenith windshield is the biggest 2-in-1 windshield that has ever been produced on this segment. Particularly noteworthy is the shaded band that is totally integrated in the windshield line. This special shaded band reduces light and heat transmission through the roof and hence increases thermal comfort.

double bent backlite

2010 - Double-Bent Complex Backlite

We push the limits of bending glass further by creating backlites with highly sophisticated shapes. 


2011 - ClimaCoat® Windshield

ClimaCoat® incorporates two key benefits in one windscreen: sun protection in summer and heating in winter by defrosting and demisting the windshield. 


2012 - Heatable Glazing For Electric Urban Cars

Renault's two-seat pure-electric urban car is an open four-wheeled vehicle. The heatable windshield provides a clear vision thanks to its defogging and de-icing function. 100% of the Twizy cars are equipped with his innovative technology supplied by Saint-Gobain Sekurit.


2013 - Lightweight Glazing For Windshields

A 4 mm windshield

Following weight reduction trends and regulation constraints, we reduced the thickness of our glazing by another 0.5 mm. Thanks to this reduction, we save more than 1 kg per sqm glass. 


2014 - ComfortSky®

Saint-Gobain Sekurit developed a low emissivity roof, that keeps the cabin cool in summer and warm in winter. It reduces A/C usage and CO2 emissions. 


2018 - AmpliSky®

A large glass roof including an active layer that acts as a digital curtain. Change the transparancy of your roof at the push of a button.

Transparent screen

What's to come?

In the context of autonomous, electric and shared mobility, the glass inside the vehicle is valuable real estate for sharing information with passengers.

Imagine a world in which you do not just look through your windshield, but it portrays valuable information about your whereabouts, points of interest in your surroundings or even acts as a screen to play media. Our Transparent Screen technology enables projection of information both inside and outside the vehicle while the transparency is never compromised.

Welcome to the future.

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