While Providing Safety

for All

Tailored Glazing Systems

Protection on demand

Tempered glass is a safety product. The glass tempering process enhances the resistance of the glass. A violent impact shatters tempered glass into many tiny non-cutting fragments.

Laminated glass enhances the acoustic comfort in the car cabin, protects from UV rays, and provides safety thanks to its shock resistance to impacts. In case of breakage, the glass pieces remain glued to the laminated glass interlayer.


Ensuring a clear vision

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit, we create solutions providing visual comfort for all occupants of the vehicle at any time and anywhere.

Did you know?

‘Glass’ compression resistance can reach

800 to 1000 MPa’

Discover other astonishing properties of the glass

Advanced Simulation Systems

Our experts are equipped with state of the art simulation tools in order to design solutions that will guarantee best in class safety for all the passengers.

Service Excellence


Following our Customers

Our worldwide presence enables us to be close to you, with our design offices, our advanced warehouses and our plants.
Collaboration between all our stakeholders - in our plants but also between our plants - is key to enhance knowledge transfers and ensure the same level of services worldwide.


We believe in quality. 
But for us, quality goes beyond the mere quality of our products and our processes. It is a holistic management approach.
Our collaborators worldwide are committed to achieving and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction.
That is why we are a trusted automotive partner.


Operational Excellence

Our success in the market is the result of our customer centric mindset and our continuous strive for operational excellence.

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