MaterialLoop: turning old into new

In 2022, a one-year pilot operation was jointly launched with AUDI AG, Reiling Group and Saint-Gobain Building Glass Deutschland. The objective was to turn damaged automotive glazing into recyclable material for model production.

This project is now going further, and a joint recycling pilot project called MaterialLoop was initiated with 15 partners from science and industry.

The common goal is to evaluate the recycling of end-of-life vehicle materials from a technical, ecological and economic point of view, in order to save valuable primary materials and lower the products’ ecological footprint.

MaterialLoop provides valuable insight on how a circular economy can be implemented. It means using more and more materials from old cars to manufacture new vehicles.

This new joint project represents a strong step towards circular economy in the automotive industry, which is in line with our commitment to sustainable mobility and to work on significant change to preserve our future.


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